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Tree Surgery

At Pioneer Tree Services, all work is carried out by our capable team who have been providing tree care services for over 30 years now, across Rochdale and Greater Manchester All are NPTC accredited, and we're known not just for the reliability of our service but also our professional approach to the work. With our 7-day availability, free quotes and the fact that we have over 80 5* reviews on, you can be confident of an efficient service that delivers the right results for your property.

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Professional Services

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Complete tree pruning service

Trees are invariably beautiful and can be a real asset when it comes to your overall property but they also need the care to ensure that they remain healthy and continue to work for your property and not against it. To ensure that your tree remains safe, that it continues to allow light through and to ensure that access is always possible, a regular, professional tree pruning service is essential. And with our team at Pioneer Tree Services, you have one of the best in the area. Based in Rochdale, we carry out work all over the Greater Manchester area, including in Bury and Oldham. Get in touch today.


Specialist tree removal service

In some situations, a tree must be removed because it poses a risk not just to property but also to the public at large. It may be unstable, encroaching on surrounding property or have been damaged due to a storm. Whatever the circumstance, removal is necessary and to ensure a smooth and safe tree removal, the skills of an established tree care company is paramount. At Pioneer Tree Services in Rochdale, you've got an established tree company right on your doorstep and we carry out work all over the Greater Manchester area, including in Bury and Oldham. Get in touch today.

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Hedge and conifer trimming service

Hedges and conifers are great options as boundary markers and do not normally require permission to plant, but they come with responsibility too. Left to their own devices, they can end up being unmanageable, not only looking unsightly but also preventing natural light from entering your garden space but ensuring that hedges or conifers are kept neat isn't always so easy, especially when the time to do it and the skills to do it effectively just aren't there.

At Pioneer Tree Services Ltd, Our dedicated tree surgeons can step into the breach and ensure that conifers or hedges on your property remain neat and healthy. We're based in Rochdale but cover the wider Greater Manchester area, including Oldham and Bury. Get in touch for a free quote today.

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"Value for money & excellent service.
"The lads worked nonstop and quality of work was of the highest standard, including clearing all the waste afterwards. Would definitely recommend them to others. Thanks to Andy and the lads, a great team."

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When it comes to tree removal, you have the option of removing the tree and leaving the stump or having the complete structure removed right down to the root. Our expansive service caters for both, and also allows us to remove a single tree or multiple trees. We even have specialist equipment like cranes and cherry pickers to ensure even high trees can be removed.


Our friendly and NPTC-accredited team are known for their professionalism and always ensure that any work is completed to the highest standard. As a highly rated tree service with over 30 years in the industry and full insurance coverage, we're the safe option when it comes to any kind of tree work. Get your free, no-obligation quote today.

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You can reach us by phone, email or through the submission form provided. Please get in touch to discuss your project or to obtain a free quote.

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